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Why Getting out of Your Comfort Zone is so Important for Girls Soccer Players

Published on May 30, 2018

We’ve all heard the term “get out of your comfort zone.” You’ve probably used it with your daughter or have been told that you need to get out of your comfort zone. I know I use it when talking to my players. But what exactly does  | Read More » |

Summer Hydration Tips for Girls Soccer Players

Published on May 24, 2018

Things are starting to heat up in Sacramento (sad face)! With it heating up, the need to nail down hydration is critical to your performance! Soccer players who know how to hydrate will feel better, have more energy, and be able to think more clearly.   What  | Read More » |

The Importance of Speed Training for Girls Soccer Players

Published on May 19, 2018

A lot of parents ask me how their daughter can get faster. First off, if your daughter wants to get faster, she has to do more than just run. Although some kids are more “naturally” fast than others, it doesn’t mean that your daughter  | Read More » |

The Most Underrated Skill in Youth Soccer

Published on May 8, 2018

What do you think is the most underrated and overlooked skill that soccer players don’t practice enough? Answer: A quality first touch is arguably the single most important skill in soccer! The topic of first touch and controlling the ball is not  | Read More » |