How girls soccer players can Deal with adversity

Published on July 4, 2018

The second psychosocial skill your daughter must have in order to be a well rounded player is learning how to deal with adversity.

No one likes having to deal with adversity but we can’t live without, and more importantly, we can’t grow without it.

Adversity will come in many forms for your daughter on and off the field: Injury, getting cut from a team, being bullied, not getting playing time…

The list goes on..

It is absolutely critical for your daughter to learn how to deal with it so she can learn and become stronger from it.

(This goes for on and off the field)

Here’s how your daughter  can make adversity work for her, not against her:

Taking a failure/adversity and turning it into something positive

Failure and adversity is going to happen no matter how talented you are or how hard you work. Although you don’t have total control over the bad things that happen, you CAN control how to react to it.

Don’t let failure control you. You have power to take a failure turn it into something positive. I know it may be hard at the time, but find ways to learn from that obstacle.

If you make a mistake, don’t let it consume you. Realize what the mistake was, and how you can fix it next time you get in that situation.

Focus on the process, not the result

Usually, when you focus on the process, the result you desire will follow.

Instead of wasting energy and worrying about the result of the game,  focus on how you play as an individual and how you play as a team.

Although wins are great and everyone wants to win, in order to develop to the best team and player, the process of how you get there will determine your future.

As a coach, I would prefer my team play an amazing game and lose, than to play awfully and win.

If your daughter can learn how to deal with adversity in a positive way, she will be able to overcome anything that soccer or life can throw at her, which will ultimately make her successful in anything that she does.

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