She the Confident Book

An empowering and indispensable book that gives female athletes the tools to develop the most essential super power of all  Confidence.

In youth sports, the majority focus is spent on the physical side of sport: becoming faster, stronger, and more skilled, yet there is an apparent lack of resources and programs dedicated to developing confidence in female athletes — which is vital for developing well-rounded athletes.

The pressure for youth female athletes to succeed is higher than ever, and without the confidence and self-belief, girls are quitting sports at an alarming rate. Not only does confidence affect female athlete’s performance and enjoyment of the sport, but more importantly, it affects how they lead their lives.

She the Confident is for youth female athletes who: 

  • Lack self-confidence, on and off the playing field
  • Overthink in games
  • Are afraid to make mistakes
  • Let failure hold them back
  • Are riddled with self-doubt

Packed with specific strategies, action steps, and real-life stories, She the Confident teaches female athletes how to overcome self-doubt, embrace failure, break limitations, and achieve success, on and off the playing field.


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