The Importance of Being Coachable

Published on April 24, 2018

If you want your daughter to develop and get the most out of her sport and life, then being coachable is essential. It is always the coachable players who learn the most, work the hardest, and ultimately are the most successful on and off the field.

Being coachable is about being committed to your own development; being hungry for feedback from others and open to anything that may improve yourself.

If there is one kind of player that I cannot stand to coach, it is the ones who are not coachable.

Think about it, why would any coach or teacher want to put in their time or effort to help a player that simply doesn’t act like they want to be helped?

If you want your daughter to excel on and off the field, being coachable is a MUST!

If you want to learn how to help your daughter be a highly coachable player then read on…

What it takes to be highly coachable:

Hard Work – Your coach will notice your work ethic as much as he/she notices your potential. Let hard work become a habit in anything you do.

Discipline – Inconsistency will hurt you on the field and break down your coach-player relationship. Your coach needs to know that you are committed on a consistent basis.

Patience – Be patient with yourself and with your teammates. That is what practice sessions are all about – growth is a day-to-day process. With each game you learn more about yourself and your team.

Accountability – Take responsibility for all of your actions AND your team’s actions.

Be Open to Critique – In order for your coach to do his or her job, you must be open to feedback, evaluation, assessment and always welcome any form of a critique of both your on and off-field actions. This is why it is important to already have a solid relationship of trust and mutual respect with your coach.

Be a Good Communicator and Listener –These interaction skills will not only make you a better athlete but they will make you a better person.

Share this with your daughter and make sure she knows the importance of being coachable.

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