College Soccer Recruiting Pt. 1: Why being good isn’t enough…

Published on October 24, 2018

College recruiting can be daunting for just about any girls soccer player (and their families) who want to play in college.

With so many rules, the information you need to know pretty much could be a whole college course.

I’ve seen a huge disconnect with clubs communicating with families and helping them with this process.

And quite frankly… a vast majority of families have NO IDEA how the recruiting process works, and how to even be seen by college coaches.

Most people I talk to think that if their child is good enough, they will be seen, and they will get a scholarship.

That could not be more far from the truth.

There are nearly 400,000 girls who play high school soccer in the U.S.

…and a large majority of those girls want to get a scholarship to play soccer in college.

There is no way that a college coach will know about your daughter just because she is good enough to play.

If your daughter wants to play in college while getting her education paid for, she needs to do the work to be seen..

..but first, she needs to be educated on the process of how it all works and how to market herself.

Stay tuned for College Recruiting Part 2 to learn how to be first in line in the college recruiting process.


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