College Soccer Recruiting Pt. 2: How to be first in line with college coaches

Published on October 24, 2018

I wanted to bring some clarity to the college recruiting process and help you to understand when exactly your daughter can and should start thinking about taking action to play in college (if you haven’t read part 1, go read it first, here)

Effective for the 2018 school year, all college recruiting contact begins September 1 of the Prospective Student-Athlete’s junior year in high school.

This new rule was put in place to give student athlete’s more time to make informed and mature decisions.

What this means, is that no recruiting communication is allowed between a student athlete and college coach until Sept 1 of their junior year.

So with all that being said…

Here are 2 questions I will get from parents?

1. If all recruiting contact now beings Sept 1 of junior year, does that mean that the recruiting process doesn’t begin until then as well?

2. Since college coaches cant contact my daughter until then, does it mean we don’t have to do anything until Sept 1 either?

The answer to both is an empathic NO!

Just because a college coach can’t have any recruiting communication with your daughter, it does not mean that she can’t be proactive in the process.

This new legislation was needed for many reasons…

But, it’s especially great for proactive student athletes, because most families WILL WAIT until their junior year to start the process.

So now you’re asking…. Well, what can my daughter do prior to Sept 1 of her junior year?

There are plenty of things she can do, and I would start as early as 8th grade…

Here are some ideas:

Introduce yourself to coaches via email- Even though coaches cannot contact/ reply to those emails until her junior year, it puts her on their radar to start the evaluation process. Essentially, it’s about getting in line before anyone else does. The point here is to get on their radar before the flood gates open on Sept 1.

Research Schools- Start creating a realistic list of colleges that interest you. It’s critical now more than ever to carefully research schools that are of interest.

It’s important to keep an open mind and cast a wide net. If  you only have the top 20 schools on your list come Sept 1, and they are not interested in you… you are going to have to start from scratch.

Don’t rule out Division II, III, and NAIA opportunities.

Shoot for the stars but be realistic and OPEN MINDED to schools that are out of your comfort zone or out of your initial radar.

Attend a camp- In addition to attending a camp, take a tour while you are there. A coach can still walk you around and show you the campus; they just can’t discuss recruiting or interest until Sept 1 of your junior year.

Hope this brings some clarity and action steps for your daughter to take to get a head start on the recruiting process!

Message me here if have any questions regarding college recruiting.



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