Why Getting out of Your Comfort Zone is so Important for Girls Soccer Players

Published on May 30, 2018

We’ve all heard the term “get out of your comfort zone.” You’ve probably used it with your daughter or have been told that you need to get out of your comfort zone.

I know I use it when talking to my players.

But what exactly does this mean to your daughter when we say it? Does it work or does she just brush it off and keep on keeping on?

To better illustrate the true importance and meaning of the phrase, let me tell you a story of when I was playing club at the age of 15ish years old.

There was a span of about 2 years when I was terrified to make a mistake- mostly in games, but in practice as well.

My thought process was to “go in, not make any mistakes, and don’t do anything to hurt the team.” I was playing it safe.

I wasn’t hurting the team, but I darn sure wasn’t helping the team either.

I was hiding..

I didn’t enjoy games because I was paranoid about doing anything that would cause me to fail.

My mindset had completely sucked the joy out of the game that I loved playing.

I almost quit before we went to the biggest tournament of the year, Surf Cup. This tournament was the deciding factor of if I was going to quit or continue playing.

During one of our games I saw the Oregon coach watching us..

This is when my mindset changed.. and I started to get my old mojo back and started making an impact in games now.

I was playing unafraid of making mistakes, I was playing to win.

Because of that mindset change in getting out of my comfort zone, not only did we win the tournament but I was seen by colleges and given the chance to play college soccer.

Did I make mistakes in those games? More than I had all season.

But I got more playing time, had more fun, and performed better than I had all season!

I tell this story because I know that your daughter may be currently struggling with this or will in the future.

I urge your daughter to go out and FAIL hard. Make mistakes. Learn from them and get better from them.

Remember that soccer is supposed to be fun. Go out and have an impact, be unafraid, and get out of your comfort zone!

Hope this helps,

Coach Shay

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