How to strike down confidence destroyers

Published on July 10, 2018

Sometimes we’ve done all we can within ourselves to be confident…

…but it just isn’t enough.

A coach benches you for allowing a goal…

You don’t make the high school team…

There are several external factors that can play a role in confidence, that you can’t always control.

When that happens (and it will happen), you need to learn how to strike down those external factors that are ruining your confidence..

Here are a few external factors that can affect confidence:

  • Coaches
  • Teammates/peers
  • Parents
  • Injury
  • Playing time

I can honestly say that I’ve had to fight every single one of these factors during my soccer career.

Sometimes I won, and sometimes I let these destroy the confidence I had built up.

I want to teach you how to beat these confidence destroyers and come out on top.


Read on to learn how to deal with these common factors that affect confidence…


Problem with Coaches:  communicate with the coach and let them know how they are negatively affecting your confidence. If they don’t respond, then  find a new coach that will build up your confidence, not destroy it.

Teammates/peers:  Humans are like crabs- if one crab tries to escape the bucket, every other crab will prevent it from leaving and becoming successful. When you’re faced with this problem, you needs to understand that sometimes, your friends may not want you to be successful. First, find new friends. Second, brush it off and keep doing you!

Parents: You spend more time with your daughter than anyone else, so be a positive driving force in her confidence.

Injury: If your suffer an injury, this can be one of the hardest blows to your confidence. The most important thing is for you to work as hard as possible at recovering so you can return to play as quickly as possible. Work on the game in other ways such as improving your understanding of tactics by studying game clips, or working out in any way possible to become stronger.

Not enough playing time: If your confidence has gotten shot down by a lack of playing time then first thing to do is to figure out the cause. Do you need to get better at passing, defending, get in better shape? Talk to your coach and do what you can to earn that playing time.


Remember, the more internally confiddent you are, the stronger you will be when facing these external factors.

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