The first step to becoming THE impact player on your team

Published on July 24, 2018

In order to make an impact in games, your daughter first needs to make an impact in practice.

She can’t expect to lay low and go through the motions at practice, then turn into superwoman come game time.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “practice player” and “game player”.

A game player only performs to their full potential during games and vise versa

Well, I think that’s garbage…

If a player labels themselves as a “game player” then to me, it just means is that they’re lazy and don’t care about working hard at practice.

If you can perform at games, then you better put that same effort into practice.

With that being said, if your daughter can work on making more of an impact at practice, then it will come a lot easier during games.

Here are a few action steps I want your daughter to work on at practice in order to be an impact player:


Be the hardest working player on the team

The most important and simple way to be an impact player is to work harder than anyone else. The harder you work, the more of an impact you will make.


Be a constant communicator

The more you communicate, the more engaged you will be and the more your teammates and coaches will see you as a leader.


Get out of your comfort zone

Practice is the best time to try new things and make mistakes. The more you do this in practice,  the easier it will be in games.


Stay focused

Don’t be that player who didn’t listen to directions or who is daydreaming during a drill. Put your full focus on the 90 min practice and everything else can wait until practice is over.


All of these steps require zero talent and are in your complete control, so there is no excuse to not work on these every practice.

Remember that if you want to play like a superstar in your game, you have to aim to play that way at practice too!!

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