Psychosocial skill #1 to succeed on and off the field

Published on July 2, 2018

In my opinion, without strong qualities in this area, the technical, tactical, and physical part of the game won’t matter.

The mental part of soccer is just as important or more important than the physical.

If your daughter is the most technically talented player on your team but has zero qualities of a mentally strong player… she won’t last long.

The result of your daughter not having these psychosocial skills could lead her into quitting soccer.

I know it sounds dramatic, but trust me when I say it’s true and I know it can happen to anyone.

Psychosocial skill #1 that your daughter must have in order to be successful and enjoy playing is DRIVE.

Driven to get better, to learn, to win, and to work hard!

If she is internally driven to get better and learn on a daily basis… Then the possibilities are endless.

With a good work ethic and a strong drive, your daughter can be or do anything she desires.

Drive cannot be taught..so if she is driven, then that is already half the battle.

On the other hand, if your daughter is currently lacking enjoyment or drive to improve and work on her own, then it’s not the end of the world..

Try to find the reason for her lack of drive. It could be her current team, burnout, or external factors that are pulling her elsewhere.

Believe it or not, I completely lost my drive before I got recruited to play college…but I found what the cause was and was able to overcome it.

So don’t freak out if your daughter isn’t driven at the moment. Talk to her and (try to) find out what’s going on in her head.

Once you find what the problem is, work with her to overcome it so she can find her drive and will to compete!

If your daughter has that drive and motivation to get better, then keep the fire burning!

Conversely, if she is struggling with her drive to play then let me know- I am here to help!

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