How to maximize recovery in between soccer tournament games

Published on August 8, 2018

We are in the heart of tournament season, and with your daughter having to play in multiple tournaments over a short span, it’s taking a toll on her body.

Recovery is one of the most overlooked strategies when it comes to performance.

If she doesn’t recover properly, it will lead to at least one of two unfortunate outcomes:

1. Your daughter will end up fatigued and injured

2. She will play like there are cement blocks stuck to her feet.

In order for her to perform well and be healthy on a consistent basis, she needs to make recovery a priority.

Let’s go through a common scenario that your daughter will encounter this tournament season…

It’s 10:30 am, 90 degrees,  and your daughter just finished her first game of the tournament.

She has 3 hours before she has to start warming up for her next game.

Parking is a nightmare so of course, you decide to stay at the field and get some rest before the next game.

In order to maximize her recovery during this window of time she must do these 2 simple tasks:



Eat something within 30 minutes following the first game (fruit, granola bar, protein shake, etc). This will help to replenish all the energy you lost during the game.

Depending on what works for you, make sure you eat a real meal 2-3 hours before your next game.

Stick to foods that are high in carbs and protein. Stay away from dairy and fatty foods as this will slow you down.

Last but not least, stay hydrated! Sports drinks are good for long tournaments because they keep your body supplied with electrolytes, but don’t forget that water is just as important to keep you hydrated.


Rest and cool down

Find a shady area and gently stretch for 10 minutes. This will help to keep your legs loose and fresh for the next game.

Bring blanket and CHILL! Bring some music, a book, whatever! Just take this time to let your body relax and build your energy back up.

As you get closer to the next game (say 45-60 min before warmups) you can start moving around a bit more to make sure you’re awake and alert.

Next time your daughter has a tournament, give these recovery methods a shot.

These simple tasks will help her to feel great and ready to play for her next game.

Reach out to me if you have any questions about how your daughter can maximize her recovery!

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