How sleep and nutrition play a role in injury prevention for girls soccer players

Published on July 18, 2018

The first thing your daughter needs to do in order reduce injury risk is to dial in her sleep and nutrition…

how boring, right?

Well, yes, it’s not the most excited topic in the world but it may be one of the most important.

It’s always the little “everyday” tasks that get left out when it comes to finding ways to improve your daughter’s performance and reducing the risk of injury.

But, the reality is…

If your daughter isn’t taking care of these little things off the field, then she isn’t living up to her full potential on the field and she’ll probably end up getting injured sooner or later.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at the facts…

A recent found that when adolescents meet the recommended nutrition intake (fruit, veggie, and fish) it reduced the odds of injury by 64%.

When they sleep more than 8 hours during the weekdays, it reduced the odds of injury by 61%.

Those are pretty whopping numbers if you ask me..

Just think about it..

How can we demand out bodies to keep us healthy when we can’t give our bodies what it needs… SLEEP AND FUEL!

I know getting your daughter to buy in to this stuff might not be easy, but it’s important for her to know that these little things do matter!!

So share this with your daughter, and hope that she will understand the importance and make changes to improve her health and performance by improving her sleep and nutrition habits!

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