Why Girls Soccer Players Need to Commit to Training this Summer

Published on June 7, 2018

The summer is the most important time of the year for player development.

Over the past few years, summer is when I see the most growth with the soccer players we train.

In the fall, your daughter’s teammates and coaches will know exactly how your daughter spent her summer.

If she committed her time to training and improving her game, it will be evident to everyone watching.

If she didn’t touch the ball or use this time to get in better shape… she will feel the effects and her coach will know that she didn’t put in the work- there’s no way to hide it.

I’ll be honest with you.. most kids won’t commit their time to getting better at soccer this summer.

Which means its the perfect opportunity for your daughter to SEPARATE herself from the pack!

I’m not saying that she needs to train several hours a day and never do anything outside of soccer..

But she does need to commit a few hours per week to practicing on her own (in addition to team practices).

If your daughter is serious about improving over the summer and needs help to get there, let me know! I would love to help her dominate training this summer.

If she is committed to putting in the work I guarantee that she will be a better player come next season.

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