How much time should be spent on the college recruiting process?

Published on March 29, 2019

In order for your daughter to be recruited to play college soccer she needs to do the work, its not just going to happen.

But how much time and effort should she be spending on it per week?

First, she must understand that working on getting recruited isn’t just some silly homework assignment or hobby…

If she truly wants to play in college, this is her entire future that she is working for.

It should be taken as seriously (or more) than a high school class.

With that being said, she should be starting to work on the recruiting process by 8th grade, especially if she wants to play D1.

As an 8th grader she should be spending at least 1 hour per week working on tasks to help her get recruited.

As she enters her 9-12 grade years, she needs to be committed even more time.. up to 3-4 hours of hard work per week with no distractions.

I know that she is extremely busy and already has a lot on her plate so making an extra 3-4 hours in her schedule may seem impossible.

But if she wants it bad enough, she will find a way to get it done.

If she’s like most kids, she’ll work in it a few hours a month and hope and pray that she’ll get recruited.

But, when she takes matters into her own hands and dedicates time to working on it, she will see massive results compared to the kids who didn’t find it important enough.

If she is willing to work hard and commit the time to getting recruiting, I want to help her!

I will show her exactly what she need to work on in order to give her the best chance possible at achieving her dream of playing in college while earning an education.

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